Endless Possibilities to find your Perfect Putt

Try different lengths with your putter? USGA conforming!  Experiment and improve your game by adding our Adjustable Putter Insert in your existing Forearm, Belly or Long Putter!  Customize your own putter.  There is a perfect length for you, do you know what it is?

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Never worry about having the perfect putter length!

If you belly or long putt, there is a perfect length for you, and with our insert you can find that length while using your favorite putter.  If you are a pro or an amateur who wants to follow the pro rules, then forearm putting could be the answer.  Now with the Adjustable Putter Insert, you can practice putt by extending the shaft into your arm pit while learning to complete the perfect shoulder stroke. Now per USGA rules, retract the shaft and anchor to just below the elbow using the same stroke practiced from the armpit.  BAM, your putter control and birdies will drive your golfing buddies nuts!  Watch the video on forearm putting for great tips to finding more birdies.

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Never Buy Another Putter Again

Never buy another putter again, just add the Adjustable Putter Insert to your favorite belly, long or forearm putter.

It is not the putter, it is the stroke. Try different lengths until you find that perfect fit. Whether you are tall or short, stand straight up or bend over,you can find a perfect stroke with the Adjustable Putter and your favorite putter.